Friday, June 4, 2010

Trying to keep up…

I've been thinking about this blog for days, but every time I try to write I'm interrupted by the bell. I'm just trying to keep my head above water for the next ten days.Teaching three preps in a four period day is challenging enough, but one of them is a two section course of enriched tenth graders (that means I have four classes to everyone elses three but no extra time to grade or do prep). Tenth graders are writing literary analysis papers and studying for the comprehensive final while the ninth graders are putting the final touches on Romeo and Juliet 'graphic novels'.

Newspaper is the easy group right now. The class is also the Eyrie staff. The kids put the final paper to bed last week (this is our 'Senior Issue') and distributed it along with our lit. mag, eagLIT this Wednesday. Both were a huge success this year!

As a non-tenured teacher I have been dodging the ax all spring. The administration finally granted me a contract for next year, but then I found out the former newspaper teacher/adviser was rehired and wanted to teach journalism again. However, our department chair, activities advisor, and principal have all assured me that the paper is mine until I want to give it up. Whew. Nothing like feeling a little fire under my feet when I least needed it.

Now I am breathing easier and looking forward to the institute.

See you all shortly!

Michelle Evenson
Eden Prairie High School

The above photo is most of our 2009-2010 staff holding copies of the various issues we have published this year.

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  1. Glad all worked out for you. I am looking forward to meeting you on Sunday. Keep your head above water, I also teach freshmen, they keep your head spinning, don't they? I realy felt like I was sinking when 135 term papers came in all at once in February. I look back now and smile..why???because it will all happen again next year. I smile because it is what I call job security.
    See you on Sunday.
    Jodie Schommer
    Lakeside Lutheran High School
    Lake Mills, WI