Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our stories are due

I haven't been this anxious about an assignment in a long time. The majority of us have been frantically gathering data, conducting interviews and editing these stories for over a week now. Yesterday's editing session confirmed my lack of journalistic writing style. I have a lot to learn and little time to learn it. At least I have all the resources I could ever want to help me teach my newspaper class.

Malika Caruthers
Metro Tech High School
Phoenix, Ariz.


  1. Malika,

    You are not alone with the anxious feeling! For me, it was a way to remember how my students feel with a pressing deadline. And at least now we know our own personal areas of weaknesses, and strengths:)

    Alyssa Carnley
    Harrison HS
    Kennesaw, GA

  2. Just remember editors... Don't bleed too much on our stories.

    Tracey Ward
    Powell, OH

  3. I am not going to forget this anixious feeling.

    As a teacher, I want to make I keep giving feedback to my students when they are under pressure. I really appreciate that type of assistance when I was under a deadline.

    I want to make sure I give that to my students too.

    Bracinda Blum
    Woodbine High School
    Woodbine, Iowa