Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Six weeks until Wednesday

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State in Phoenix was home for amost 12 hours a day for the past 2 weeks to 34 journalism teachers from around the country. (Photo by Jodie Schommer)

As the week winds down, the temperatures ramp up. The 2010 ASNE Reynolds Institute Fellows prepare to say farewell to new found colleagues and the beautiful Arizona State Campus. (Photo by Jodie Schommer)

Well all, have you figured out the theme of the titles of my blogs yet this week? I have learned so much and it has all come together and clarity has hit. I have a clear direction after the presenters of today and yesterday. Alan Weintraut's various web sites lit a fire under me. (Too bad his emails went into my spam folder-thanks for resending).

Five things, implement 5 things every year and think about the changes in your publication in three years. Wow! Unbelieveable. This whole week has been amazing.

I always start every class with a 5-8 minute warm up. I use a variety of "fun" things. Try out -it's a great interactive way to learn vocabulary AND companies donate rice to the hungry of the world.

I did 2 new things today-sent a picture over my phone and made a link in this blog. I'm riding the learning curve up and the ride is great.

Jodie Schommer
Lakeside Lutheran High School
Lake Mills, WI


  1. Love the link to the vocabulary game. It's a great to review vocabulary, and knowing that you can help out for a greater cause makes it even more rewarding.

    Leona O'Neal
    George County High School
    Lucedale, Miss.

  2. Also, every year our school does as a fundraiser for extra credit and service hours after school. Typically I give students who are involved a couple of EC points and so do the social studies teachers.

    Michelle Evenson
    Eden Prairie High School
    Minneapolis, Minn.