Wednesday, June 23, 2010

History Through Your Eyes

Rick Rodriguez said that he blames the media for instances like SB1070 "because it's part of the news media's role to educate people about the natives," meaning of course, all of the natives of our country.

I appreciated his perspective about how either the "news media was unprepared; they missed the story, the unrest, or they just didn't care." It became clearer when he went into his own story about how he became interested in journalism and the importance of diversity. Diversity is not just about color, but different perspectives presented in different ways.

He spoke of how people look to the news "to affirm their own views." That is perhaps why there is such an issue with diversity - when the news is presented from a different, fresh, more accurate perspective, people won't always hear what they want to hear; they'll probably be getting more of the much as it hurts sometimes, said Jenese.

Jenese Giles
Northeast High School
Oakland Park, Fla.

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