Thursday, June 24, 2010

Section 222 rocks

It was baseball, hotdogs, ice cream and something else at the game for the 2010 Cronkite Chronicle crew. Thanks to the generosity of the institute we were treated to the major league baseball game of the year!
I was in awe of the facilities of Chase Field: the traffic control outside, the carnival ambience just outside the stadium, the all you can eat food inside, and last but not least, the convenience of air conditioned comfort.
While it was a sizzling 107 degrees outside, the well built closed roof stadium was cool inside. Oh, I forgot, two professional baseball teams were also there.
The Diamondbacks played the Yankees in what was supposed to be a home game for the D-backs. But, what did I see and hear? Yankee fans everywhere. I couldn’t tell if this was Phoenix or New York.
The game was tied at the end of the ninth inning. I told my classmates that due to the lack of serious hitting in this game by both teams, it would be decided probably by a lone home run by the D-backs and they would win. We left the game just as the 10th inning started. We were less than a block away when we found out a home run was blasted to right field. But it was by a Yankee. Oh no!

Clarence D. Hooker
Hinds Agricultural High School
Utica, Miss.


  1. This was a really great time. I haven't been to a Diamondbacks game since I first moved here in '02. I plan to do this again in the near future. Great pics!

  2. I agree!! Great pictures and thanks for sharing:)

    Alyssa Carnley
    Harrison HS
    Kennesaw, GA

  3. Going to the game is another example of the high quality of the ASNE Institute. It would have been easier to buy cheap seats and make the participants cover their own meal, but no. We received great seats, a meal and even a souvenir.
    Awesome, even if the D'backs lost. :(

    Ryan Ludwig
    Spanish Springs H.S.
    Sparks/Reno Nev.