Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tweet, Tweet...

Feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Carol Schwalbe, Associate Professor at the Cronkite School (left), gave a comprehensive overview of all the social media options we have at our fingertips, and I have to say that that I’m feeling swamped by all the possibilities out there. While she was speaking, I googled (Googled?) “social media cheat sheet” and in one link I viewed, more than half of the programs listed were brand new to me. Yikes. I’d better get busy and start investigating and experimenting. I’ve already signed up for Delicious (thanks, Meghan, for that nudge!), an organizational tool I’d heard about before but tucked away into that deep bin where good ideas sometimes go…and never emerge.

About Twitter – I’m still not sold on its benefits. Schwalbe calls is a powerful “listening tool,” but I’m not sure I want to hear all that all the time. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m willing to be convinced. I think I’m going to check out TweetDeck (because it seems like a good visual tool to keep me sane over this new thing…) and try to follow a few people, like John Stewart, Nicholas Kristoff (NY Times columnist) and Leonard Pitts (Miami Herald). Now to come up with a cute Tweet name…

Leslie Wolfe-Cundiff

Centennial H.S.

Roswell, Ga.


  1. I love delicious. It's great for scatter brained people like me who leave their jump drives in computers overnight. :)

    Meghan Brannon-Reese
    Houston, TX

  2. I love your photo. It appears that you captured Carol as part of the intricate social media map.

    Tracey Ward
    Powell, OH

  3. Thanks! But I'm clueless as to how my font changed midstream...