Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tracy Collins discussion on design and typography was one of the most brilliant of the week.  Looking at the styles of design. There are basic errors that we tend to make in our publications on a regular basis.  He discussed moving toward a modular design element similar to the Arizona Republic and away from the traditional dogleg and dutch wrap approach.

When creating a design for a newspaper there are things to keep in mind.

1. Balance - There must be a natural balance of images and text

2. Hierarchy of Type - Make it progressional as the size of the type. The largest at the top then smaller and          
3. Visuals - Make your visuals tell a story.  It needs to convey a message.  Collins states we should avoid photo data dumps.

The second have of the presentation was on typography.  There are many things that I learned about type and what makes a good font.  Below are some of the key components of typography.

For more information on fonts checkout

I Love Typography


Brent Manuel
Pleasant Valley High
Chico, Calif.

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