Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Color wheel continued

Here is the website for the color wheel in case you want to read up on it. I too found this information very useful and the presentation on Exploring Social Media presented by Carol Schwalbe this morning very informative. I'm still not sure how to best incorporate social media into my instruction, but the sessions today, as well as my research, have encouraged me to consider some of the possibilities.

Kim Vinh mentioned ways that Twitter and Facebook could be useful for high school journalists, and I'm curious what others of you think about incorporating social media into your classrooms.

Jamalee Moret
Alhambra High School


  1. I, too, would love to incorporate more social media in my classroom, but my problem is that my school district blocks all social networking sites and blogs. I wish I could convince them otherwise, but we have had too many teachers abuse internet use and so now all teachers at my school have to suffer.

    Leona O'Neal
    George COunty High School
    Lucedale, Miss.

  2. I've encouraged my staff to use twitter during sporting events. As the score changes or as time passes, they send out tweets to followers. But I will also admit that many students resist getting a twitter account and following the newspaper. They see twitter as an "old people" form of social media and we haven't been able to change that perception yet.