Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We learn from our mistakes

One of the best aspects of this week for me has been the editing process. Having an opportunity to submit a second draft of the Len Downie story allowed me to take the suggestions made by Steve Elliott and figure out how to apply them in my story. I needed to work on my lead and transitions as well as leaving quotes in their own paragraph. I have already been able to apply what I learned from that story to others I have written.

Additionally, we were especially blessed to receive a critique from our mentor, Robin Phillips, who had taken special care to read and offer edits to each of us. She suggested that I did mostly chunking in my story, basically compartmentalizing each subject's quotes and said it would be stronger with more narrative qualities. Offering different subject's quotes throughout the story can add interest, something I will try.

Julie Albertson
Roncalli High School
Indianapolis, IN

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