Friday, June 25, 2010

Procrastinations, and thanks

As per usual I have waited to the last minute. I get on my students about this all the time, but am a terrible role model about it. Consequently, you will see two posts back to back from me (and the next one will even have a picture).

I can't express how thankful I am about having this experience with everyone. What I have learned will transform my teaching and the way I map out my classes (English too).

I worked with a fabulous editing team whose generous support buoyed my spirits more than once. And our editing team extended beyond just me, Nate, Leslie, and Nickie. Their expression of thanks is echoed here, with gratitude.

Steve has been a wonderful mentor. His meaningful critiques of my work pushed me forward and instilled in me a desire to give my very best (even when I wasn't sure exactly how to get there).

Meghan Brannon-Reese
Houston, TX


  1. Thank you Meghan for stepping up to be an editor! Nate, Leslie, Nicki, and Meghan, it's not easy editing teachers. Thanks for your patience and time in getting the publication live. It's a rare feeling to trust something I'm involved with to another, but in this institute, I was very confident that those with whom I was working had the same standards.

    Kim Vinh
    Sequoia High School
    Redwood City, Calif.

  2. Kim,

    I'm going to quote L.M. Montgomery here (at the risk of being labeled a nerd among nerds), but I truly believe we are kindred spirits. I hope we can spend some time together in the future. You're awesome!

    Meghan Brannon-Reese
    East Early College H.S.
    Houston, TX