Thursday, June 24, 2010

The email I'll never delete!

Yesterday (Wed., June 23) Alan led the session "Using Technology to Your Advantage." He requested that we bring our laptops and then emailed us all the links he would use for the session. What a smart way to so students sites! He also gave us lots of little hints as he went through each site, including his school newspaper's website, Then, through Skype, he had his editor walk us through posting stories to the site. The student was incredibly professional, confident and knowledgeable. I was impressed, yet again, with Alan's teaching techniques. He gave the webpage over to his editor and hasn't touched it since. No wonder his editor is so confident! And now, as I prepare to head back to my world, I also carry with me new confidence. Thank you Reynolds and WCSJMC!

Sarah Geyer
South-Doyle High School
Knoxville, TN


  1. Amen! I am a resource junkie and this really feeds my need! Thanks, Alan

  2. Yes, all these resources will really help me in the upcoming school year. I feel so much less lost than I did two weeks ago. I'm a perfect example of why this institute exists.