Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thou shall use color appropriately in my newspaper

Tracy Collins, senior director of operations at The Arizona Republic, gave an eye-opening presentation on design and typography this morning.
It was very humbling to see my school's pdf's of the big screen. I knew we overused color, but seeing it pointed out was helpful. I have been letting my students decide was colors to use, but now I will be able to guide them better in making choices that are appealing to the readers' eye.

Loved the 10 Commandments of Type. The video clips and effects were hilarious. I learned many technical terms about type that I never knew before.

The Newseum's Front Pages is very valuable source for good ideas. My staff and I often look to them for inspiration.

Leona O'Neal
George County High School
Lucedale, Miss.

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  1. We only print 1 issue a year - the senior edition - but I found this presentation fascinating and informative, and took lots of notes!