Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travelers prepare for Phoenix heat

Sun-block. Hats. Ice cold beverages. Travelers depend on essential items when visiting Phoenix during the summertime.

“I just bought some high factor sun lotion, I bought some cheap sunglasses and a cheap sun hat,” Julie Burton from Somerset, England said.

When traveling to Phoenix, travelers from the United Kingdom had to make specific calculations to handle the extreme heat.

“I came here before last year, so it was something I knew that I needed to bring plenty of cotton clothing, no sleeves, loose, that sort of thing,” Heather Dennis from London, England said.

In addition, the UK Walsall Council website lists similar strategies and other specific tactics for dealing with heat. Some are not going out during the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and eating cold foods.

“Get up early. Go in the morning, cause it’s the only time you can bear the heat,” Fiona Quiggly from Derry, Ireland said. “Once the day goes on, it gets too hot.”

Downtown Phoenix businesses try to make visitors more comfortable by providing misters for people walking outdoors. Most walkways also provide shade.

“We go inside a lot,” said Quiggly. “We take just about an hour is all we can bear, and then we go inside to the air conditioning.”

Some indoor activities for travelers include movies, shopping, restaurants and coffee shops.

“I think you need a high factor sun lotion, be careful, you can’t lay out in the sun all day,” Burton said. “You need to limit the time, make sure your drinking lots, and just take it nice and easy really.”

Morning commuters walking down a shaded street in downtown Phoenix. (Photo by Ryan Ludwig)
A man walks through downtown Phoenix with his umbrella to protect him from the heat of the sun. (Photo by Allison Denman)

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