Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Social Networking... Story Ideas?

So, while some have used social networking such as Facebook or WordPress -- I often find some of the best story ideas from Mashable's tweets! So, for all of the new Tweeties — check out mashable and also check out an example of a story that I thought was a new twist on the "relationship" story -"Would you Break Up via Facebook?"

It is interesting how the use of polls on an online website or using social media may be the future source for great ideas!

Steve Elliott grades ASNE papers during the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. NY Yankees game.

I just want to thank Steve and the ASNE Reynolds Institute for all of the valuable information and skills. Of course, even during the baseball our diligent leader was grading all of our papers! Once again. Thanks for modeling excellence.

Tracey Ward
Powell, OH

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