Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Excuses

Christopher Greenslate's presentation on Putting All This to Work was exactly the reason I wanted to participate in the Institute. The information he provided was a step-by-step roadmap to improve our journalism programs regardless of whatever circumstance we face in our schools. The lists he had us create for our program's vision, our priorities, some obstacles and how to address those obstacles were focused and detailed enough to make our dreams a reality. Most of all, I know I can achieve my goals because the answers were generated by me and not suggestions made by someone else.

I am inspired, once I return home, to continue to work on this map and detail out my plans for implementing enough change so that when school opens, I am ready to lead my staff to a whole new level of writing and production. It's exciting and challenging but, because of this presentation, entirely doable. 

Nicki Yokota
St. Margaret's Episcopal School
San Juan Capistrano


  1. A roadmap is the best description of his presentation. I loved the step by step intro to get into the critical and reflective thinking process about our own situations.

    I also love that he understands where we are. He was inspirational; to know where he came from with his program and where he is now and knowing it is possible.

    A great inspirational session and lots of great online resources!
    I especially liked the I have already signed up:)

    Alyssa Carnley
    Harrison HS
    Kennesa, GA

  2. I think the most useful part of this session for me was the work we did in class on the roadmap as you say. We are being given so much information, and it is hard to pick out what will work for your particular situation.

    After that session, I feel more prepared to go back to my classroom and get started. I know what I want to focus on and what steps I need to take to reach my goals.

    Kim Isbell
    Humboldt High School
    Humboldt, Kan.

  3. Chris is certainly a go-getter. I can see why he is so successful, however he is a bit intimidating.
    His exercise on mapping our plan is similar to a lesson I give my Freshman English Class. Much like my freshman, I am feeling overwhelmed and need a plan of action.

    Ryan Ludwig
    Spanish Springs H.S.
    Sparks/Reno Nev.

  4. Chris provided so much information that I am almost overwhelmed on the first place to get started. I love his initiative and his drive. I am really interested in purchasing his book that he wrote as well that was from his blog I am also thankful to write down some priorities to at least have somewhat of a focus on what 20 things I need to do. Thanks Chris!

    Tracey Ward
    Olentangy Liberty High School
    Powell, OH