Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to win friends and influence.....your boss

Kristin Gilger, associate dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications tells it like it is. As much as we teachers place our focus on teaching our students (which is what we are hired to do), it is still a reality that our primary relationship in the school setting is with our principal. I agree with this for the simple reason that I am the only journalism teacher in my district. I want, nay, need my principal to be on my side always. And Gilger's right, it takes time to develop a trusting relationship with principals. Being open and honest and sincerely interested in their needs and wants go a long way to developing that relationship. Her handouts on tips for difficult conversations are spot on. Thank you!!
Donna Fishel
Willard HS
Willard, MO

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