Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Old I am, How Old I am, my em-space canned!

It was back to the future again. Tracy Collins, designer extraordinaire, explained all the basics of typography, page design, and the zen of balance, kerning and tracking. This was a discussion of topics left too long in the attic of my mind.

As this paige meister explained the ins and outs, tips and tricks, of page design, I was reminded so much of what I was doing 25 years ago. The best part for me was seeing the other school newspapers, and their errors. I enjoyed learning the reasons they are errors that I can explain to my students as I came from the school of this is how you do it and don't screw it up again. This was so useful to me as an educator as these young folk need to know why. The days of telling are ong over. Explaining is where it is at. Now I can explain. Thanks Tracy.

JH Appel
Chaparral HS
Chaparral, NM

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