Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reynolds Institute Movie Night

It was great to everyone's video tonight. It was interesting to see how we all handled the same topic-- Arizona Heat.

It was definitely a learning experience to be critiqued by an instructor, as well as our peers. Going through each video and seeing what was wrong was a humbling experience.

I don't see me adding a complete video production component to my journalism program, but I would like to at least one video project to begin with. Maybe a project that promotes our school or community and then maybe I could use it to my advantage to add a larger component at a later day.

Leona O'Neal

George County High School

Lucedale, Miss.


  1. It sure was lots of fun watching everyone's videos. Brian was hilarious!

    Allison Denman
    Spring High School
    Spring, Texas

  2. I enjoyed seeing the variety of topics and creativity that went into each multimedia package. Since I last worked closely with video production in the early 1990's, this experience was completely new to me and I learned a lot. Thanks Tracey for your patience in teaching me the basics. I can't wait to get home and play around with more mulitmedia projects.