Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Locals offer advice to tourists about staying cool in Phoenix

By Lisa Edmisten, Tracey Ward

Temperatures reached 105 degrees Monday in downtown Phoenix. As summer approaches and tourists cope with the unfamiliar heat, local residents offered advice on how to stay cool.

Longtime resident Penny Holloway recommends heading to the Kiwanis public pool in Tempe. “Don’t wear any makeup because you’ll melt. Save it for the winter,” she added.

Vietnam Veteran Fred Lockwood knows all about the heat from his time overseas. “Wear the proper hat, put lotion on and wear long sleeves. You’ll acclimate better – you’ll sweat and it’ll cool you down.”

Abraham Sacdalan served his basic training in Laughlin, Nev., explained that his trainers would put up black flags when it got too hot. He stressed the importance of hydrating often in the heat. “I drink a gallon of water a day,” he said.

Firefighter Daniel Deaver manned a first aid tent at the 35th Annual Mighty Mud Mania in Scottsdale on Saturday. He said that tourists who are used to muggy heat can become dehydrated before they know it. “They’re used to sweating a lot before they realize how hot they are. In Arizona when it’s dry, the sweat evaporates rather quickly, so may not be able to use sweating,” Deaver said. “Just make sure that you acclimate yourself in small doses.”


Metro workers often take Therma Tabs to stay hydrated during the hot summer months. (Photo by Tracey Ward)

The summer heat presents a challenge for unprepared tourists. (Photo by Lisa Edmisten)

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