Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling like a student - redux

Today was chock full of new information, great speakers, great advice, and wonderful comraderie. Just another day at the office as an ASNE Reynolds Summer Institute fellow. I feel like a tightly wound spring that will take a year to unwind and there are still three days to go!

Today we learned that my idea of diversity jibes with our speakers. I know because I got to express it in a neat little survey produced by a fellow fellow. I answered this little jewel a couple of days ago, and then I listened to Prof. Rick Rodriguez tell us about his life experience. He asked us what we thought diversity was, and after several responses he explained that it was about being able to see things from another culture's viewpoint. He also explained that it was not about being a member of that culture, but being willing to walk in the shoes of that culture to gain the trust of its members so you can report on it. And that it is worth reporting on because these people's stories are not being told which in turn helps to lead to the path of civil unrest.

After that we learned how to manage our boss with Assistant Dean Kristin Gilger. Following her lecture and personal gripe session, we role played. That was really helpful.

After a working lunch break with out story mentors, which was really helpful, we heard how to make it all work from a truly passionate teacher and 2008 Reynolds Summer Fellow, Christopher Greenslate. A take no prisoners teacher, and truly professional example of what I hope to grow in to.

Student time. We assembled our team and went to work so that we could do a first draft production of our video shoot from last week. There were the usual technical problems faced by novices, just like our students. There were the usual novice errors which Prof. Snyder was quick to point out, but he was also quite supportive of our first efforts. Thanks! I will now return with my team's effort to share it with my students. It will be part of my not what to do presentation which would not be possible without the opportunity and guidance provided us.

JH Appel
Chaparral HS
Chaparral, NM

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  1. I feel like a student, but I am coming out as a better teacher. I am very thankful for the helpful hints and ideas. It helped me to focus on what to change for next year, and it was all meaningful and implementable.

    Tracey Ward
    Olentangy Liberty High School
    Powell, OH