Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Living in the heat

A multimedia package by Malika Caruthers, Leslie Wolfe-Cundiff and Kellie Wagner

Welcome to our project.

Our group decided to explore what is it like for people in the city of Phoenix having to take public transportation in the midst of June and temperatures averaging 105 degrees.

On our day out, not only was it hot but it was busy. There were many people, even a large tour group, taking advantage of air-conditioned transportation such as the light rail train and the Metro bus.

People ducked in to any shady areas to wait for their respective rides, and most did not have to wait more than 10 minutes.

Everyone was extremely friendly to us as they all wanted to know what we were doing. It is a great place to conduct video interviews because all you have to do is plant yourself in a spot and the people will come to you.

The stories of how these people cope with the heat were not unique to anyone with common sense. We were advised to drink plenty of water, wear our sunglasses, carry a towel to wipe the sweat from our faces and to find air-conditioning frequently.

But what was unique was how these people seemed to enjoy living with the heat. Not one person we interviewed complained, and all were cordial to us. In fact, all were downright friendly and happy.

Maybe that is why Phoenicians always like to tell visitors “It’s hot…but it’s a dry heat.”


A Navajo man talks to reporters about beating the heat by staying cool.
(Photo by Kellie Wagner)

Videographers from the Reynolds Institute interview a young student taking the bus. (Photo by Kellie Wagner)

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