Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Students thrive in team atmosphere

Jason Manning, (pictured at right) director of ASU's student media had the task of explaining to the Reynolds Institute Fellows just where storytelling is headed.

He gave us a look into the future and urged us to think strategically about change. We understand the way news is now delivered and speculated about how that might change in the future.

We had an insider's view of the News21 program as Manning serves as its managing editor. What an amazing experience for the students involved.

Jason explained that one aspect of the program which helped immensely was the teamwork of the students involved. As he observed each pair of students working on a project he said their skills were complementary which helped each team to balance each other.

Because the students traveled to do much of their reporting, being with a partner helped both mentally and emotionally. It's no wonder that the trend in many professional newsrooms is moving toward teams of journalists working in tandem.

Julie Albertson
Roncalli High School
Indianapolis, Ind.


  1. Man, I was impressed with what those kids can do. I thought why could they do that I couldn't? I decided that the truth was that no one ever told them they couldn't. We should never limit oour kids.
    Jodie Schommer
    Lakeside Lutheran High School
    Lake Mills, Wi

  2. Those News21 projects were wonderful. Many man hours went into them. Jodie, you are exactly right. We should never limit our kids.

    Leona O'Neal
    George County High School
    Lucedale, Miss.