Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almost finished . . .

Well, I'm finished. My story is approved, blogs are finished, comments made, sessions (almost) completed, file downloaded, and friendships established. It's a bittersweet time because I have learned so much in the past 12 days. I will return to my school with a plan of action, a list of dreams and enough confidence to make it all happen. I know I'll need support once the school year starts, and the reality of life sets in . . . but I know that I have 34 allies (not to mention all the journalists) to help me through the rough patches. Now for some ice cream . . .

Sarah Geyer
South-Doyle High School
Knoxville, TN


  1. Actually, now for some tv news reporting, then dinner, then rock band, then ice cream! Our list never ends - you should know that by now!

    Jenese Giles
    Northeast High School
    Oakland Park, Fla.

  2. And then a video interview. I cannot believe that I was answering questions about my two week experiences. These were the quickest, most intense two week period in my life.

    Tomorrow will surely be an interesting emotional challenge for all of us.

    Sam Bidleman
    Bloomsburg High School
    Bloomsburg, Pa.