Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greenslate inspires teachers

Wow! 2008 Reynolds Institute Fellow Christopher Greenslate was very inspiring. To think that the Reynolds Institute was his first exposure to journalism. From his presentation, it sounds like he built his school's program from practically nothing.

We must all start with a vision. I loved the questions he had us ask ourselves to determine what our vision is.

1. Our journalism program will be...

2. Our publication/ website will set out...

3. After being on our staff, students will...

4. I will know that we have reached our goals when...

I find myself constantly looking at our program daily, but not looking at the big picture. I hope by answering these questions I will be able to create a better map to success.

Leona O'Neal

George County High School

Lucedale, Miss.


  1. Absolutely motivating-what a great variety of tools he presented to us so that we were able to get a start.

  2. Darn, forgot my name again.
    Jodie Schommer
    Lakeside Lutheran High School
    Lake Mills, WI

  3. I also benefitted from the questions we asked ourselves. Taking in a great deal of crucial information has been so beneficial, but if we don't go home and synthesize what we've learned and put it in a form we can use, we will have failed ourselves and our students. I'm determined to apply what we've learned in my program.

  4. I felt that I was able to really make a nice plan for my future after these questions.

    Michelle Evenson
    Eden Prairie High School
    Minneapolis, Minn.