Friday, June 4, 2010

Headlines, Headaches, and Heading South, part deux

So, my school year is over, the grades are in. The yearbook is finalized and submitted. Meetings have been set up with my paper and yearbook staff for August 10th (we start on the the 19th, I think) Now what? My own final exam--next week.

Thanks to all of you who responded to the "running" email. Since Steve Elliot posted the fact that Phoenix is slated to reach 110 degrees this next week, it makes the challenge of running up "that" hill all the more exciting. How's that sound to the other 5 who are interested in a bit of running?

The two weeks in Phoenix should be a most exciting time for all of us. Personally, I want to pick every one's brains for everything student newspaper related. I teach a one semester long journalism class, and while there is some overflow to the student paper, this class does not create the student paper...with one exception...the final exam. I break the students into two groups, the groups each create two weeks of the paper-in competition with each other. It is an intense time for them, but usually from those intense two weeks, they get a pretty clear picture of the life in journalism, and I get a pretty clear picture of who might be editor of the paper their senior year. They take the paper literally from start to finish; from design, to assigning, to writing, to placement of articles, to printing (done in house), to distribution, to critiquing each other--then they start all over again for the next week. (I try to keep my sanity, while teaching British Lit, Language arts, and College Prep English as well)

If you're not bored and are still reading, here is another project I do in the journalism class. In conjunction with the required US History class, I have the students create a 4 page, broadsheet type paper for a years selected by their teacher. They research the month, year, city, and sometimes even the week, of the selected year and create a newspaper which they turn in to both the US history teacher and myself.

Jodie Schommer
Lakeside Lutheran High School
Lake Mills, Wisc.


  1. The mornings actually aren't all that bad, Jodie. Those should be in the 80s, though I can't warranty that. Mentor teacher Alan Weintraut has jogged here for three straight institutes and is living proof it can be done.

    Steve Elliott
    Arizona State University

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  3. I was far from bored reading your post, Jodie, but I must admit it was exhausting. Good luck on your final exam.

    Running in Phoenix is definitely doable, but you'll want to get up really early. and if you don't leave me in the dust, I'll join you at least once or twice. I must admit, my preferred workout this time of year is either the gym or the pool.

  4. I love that cross-curricular idea, as well as the final. Maybe we could exchange ideas while running (although I admit I'll probably be panting). :)

  5. I will be panting while running as well, but perhaps over a coffee...iced