Sunday, June 6, 2010

It was all a blur....

is the perfect description of my teaching (and learning) experience this year as the yearbook, newspaper, and TV productions adviser and the AP Language and Composition teacher. It seems that every year for the past three years I've had a new course. I actually wanted the yearbook and newspaper courses; I often teased the teacher who had had those classes for the past near 30 years that I would take his job. He affectionately told me - "You can have it... with no competition." The AP came as a surprise, and the response to TV was a - "Sure; whatever I have to do to keep my job..." (layoffs were an issue last summer). Anyhow, I've completed my third year with yearbook, newspaper, and the AP, and my first with TV; yet, through it all, I keep hearing something my sister told me a few years ago - "Don't become a 'jack of all trades, and a master of none.'" With that said, I look forward to learning EVERYTHING I can and then returning to school and sharing the knowledge and skills with my students so that we can move forward in perfecting our programs. I must admit; after reading about the success that you all have had with your students and school programs, I am a bit intimidated and very humbled to be in the company of such accomplished educators and journalists. I have been teaching for seven years. I am from and I teach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at my alma mater - Northeast High School. We too, as some of you, have block scheduling (4 classes, 90 minutes each). Therefore, I have no planning during the day... not an excuse, more so the reason why I have taken a while to write. I also have a five year old son at home who on Friday, June 4th, graduated from Kindergarten! He will spend the summer with his grandparents in Maryland, and I will be at ASU with all of you. I look forward to the experience.



  1. Sounds like you have your hands full, just like me. I am hoping to be refreshed and renewed by this time in Arizona. ust knowing there are others opt there doing the same thing will help immensely.
    See you Sunday.

  2. Jodie Schommer
    Lakeside Lutheran High School
    Lake Mills, WI