Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm not a procastinator, I just cram in too much life

During my high school years my mom put up a poster with a turtle running, sweating and looking at a ringing alarm clock. The turtle's quote bubble said, "I'm always running late, but at least I'm running."

Nothing's changed, even though my excuse for being late to this blog is that I'm on the board of directors for a Montessori Pre-School and Kindergarten and our Executive Director resigned the last week of school and I was the only person who could fill in and attend a very important Rural Philanthropy event in the Four Corners area of Colorado.

That said, I think deadlines are what sucked me in to journalism. Without them I would never get anything done on time.

Next year will be my seventh year teaching journalism. Prior to that I worked in a number of careers (including working as a journalist) that have taken me from coast to coast, including Alaska. When I started teaching I also taught science (my bachelors degree) but was moved to teaching computers last year (against my will) and have turned it into a chance to add multi-media journalism to my repertoire -- which brings me to the Reynolds Institute.

I can't wait to start reporting again and totally look forward to meeting you all. I post my students work on a simple google site. So feel free to check out the pdf version of their work at I'll be bringing copies of our latest works since I'm close enough to drive to the conference.

Nate Thompson
Montezuma-Cortez High School
Cortez, Colo.

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