Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting Out the Suitcase

Oh my, one more day to enjoy cool weather (mid-70's). Today, I am getting  out clothes, shoes, bath items, etc. to see how much I can stuff into one bag, and then will attend the school's final event tonight, graduation.

My plane sets down in Phoenix tomorrow @ 2 p.m. so I figure that after getting my luggage and waiting for the shuttle, I'll probably get to the hotel around 3 p.m. Anyone want to meet in the lobby for drinks and dinner tomorrow night? I am nervous but very excited that this adventure is about to begin but the best part of all is knowing I'm meeting 34 interesting and motivated colleagues.

Safe traveling to all and looking forward to seeing y'all!

Nicki Yokota
St. Margaret's Episcopal School
San Juan Capistrano, CA


  1. Nicki, there's a reception and dinner that begins at 5:30 -- maybe a drink at 5? It'll be 7p in ATL and by then I'll be ready!!

  2. Hahaha. That's what I get for NOT reading my agenda again. Thanks for the heads up, Leslie!