Saturday, June 12, 2010

Open letter to Stephen Hawking,

My travels to, during and from the Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication for the ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute are about to begin, and I thought you would be interested in my itinerary and its ramifications for your studies in general relativity.

I will leave home for the Avoca airport tomorrow morning around 5.45 a.m. to make the check in for the 8.40 flight to Charlotte, a cozy two-hour ride in seat 10 by the window. But then, and here is where your interest will be peaked, US Airways will send me to Arizona on a scheduled flight of 1,771 miles that arrives shortly after it takes off. I am sure that the airline industry has tapped into the practical side of your theories on quantum gravity and cosmological bending of time, and I am equally sure they have given you the necessary credit.

Then, in what will surely seem like another blink, the institute will be over; however, I have plans to cherish each new relationship, every leaning experience and all possible opportunities to improve my teaching and advising skills and understanding. Surely, this will remind you of your theory of singularities, those special moments in life that change us forever.

Coming home is a different matter altogether. According to my ADTRAV schedule, US Airways is planning to take about five days to fly my fellow passengers and me to Philadelphia where we will lay over for approximately three weeks before boarding a connecting flight back to the Scranton area. Roger Penrose will have something to say about this.

Sooner, so to speak.

Sam Bidleman
Bloomsburg High School
Bloomsburg, Pa

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