Thursday, June 17, 2010

Passionate at Heart

The salient point that stands out for me today is when Christopher Callahan spoke on the need to inspire our students and to help them develop a passion for journalism. I'd concur and say this is at the heart of what we do.

His suggestion that we recruit students from our social studies classes also hit home to me. Next year I will hone in on the social studies teachers for recommendations and not let my concern for needing students who have reasonable writing skills to get in the way of the passion that might be hidden elsewhere.

Another very intense, full, and productive day. The Thursday stretch is exhibited on the faces of the teachers above.

Jamalee Moret
Alhambra High School
Phoenix, AZ


  1. I agree that we should look beyond the students who are the best English essay writers. Ask social studies teacher who the most engaged students are, but also ask for students who argue in class or seem to need a challenge. Ask for those who journal, those who draw, those in entrepreneurship programs or clubs who want to run their own businesses. Journalism gives good experience for all of those talents. I had a student say that for the first time this year, he finally found a reason to work more on his writing and pay attention to what he said.

  2. Sometimes I take a stroll through the school library to see if any students are there on their own. These are the students who may be good candidates for journalism because they are driven.

  3. I loved the suggestion to go beyond good English students to fill the seats in our publications classes.