Thursday, June 17, 2010

Work hard and play hard

Boy have we been working hard these past few days! However, today was a great experience of hard work, rewards and appreciation. I experienced a great Q & A session with Dean Callahan; what a great leader! I really see why this school is so well developed, has the amazing staff it does, and the great output of student work when I listen to a man who is driven and knows what's best for his program. I also had a great time taking video with my group, and, of course, this evening was wonderful.
Great food, great company and great wii competitions were a really nice way to calm down and take it all in. However, the ending of this night was bitter sweet- the Celtics lost, but All the President's Men was great.

I really appreciate this conference schedule that pushes participants and sets high levels of expectations. I love learning many things through out the day, and feeling so accomplished. And, I am really grateful for the opportunity to relax, unwind, and have some fun. It is a great lead to end one night with a film about an exceptional newsroom and reporting experience, to build excitement for our AZ Republic tour tomorrow, and upcoming weekend full of writing and reporting homework. I do not feel exhausted. I am tired, but I am inspired and eager, and that is a great feeling to have at 11 pm on a Thursday, halfway through an intensive two week institute.

Kelly Camak

Gateway to College ECHS, RCC

Riverside, CA

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