Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Editing the advisers

I think a lot of us were a little nervous to have our stories critiqued. I know I was.

I am used to making the comments, not having my stories torn apart. Although after finishing up the critique today, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed being able to see parts of my peers' stories and being given advice that I know I will use in the rewrite of my story and on future stories.

I will definitely do more full-staff critiques with my newspaper and yearbook staffs this year. I realize after this session how important it is to get input from so many different angles.

What are some of the practical things everyone else has learned so far that they will use in their classrooms?

Kim Isbell
Humboldt High School
Humboldt, Kan.


  1. Kim,

    I agree that full-staff critiques with my newspaper and yearbook staffs this next year too.
    Bracinda Blum
    Woodbine High School
    Woodbine, Iowa

  2. I want to practice press conferences and interviewing techniques with my staff and then invite newsmakers to the journalism room for the real deal.
    Jamie Ray
    Vista Ridge High School
    Cedar Park, Texas

  3. I liked the how the group lead assignments showed so many different takes on one story, and also Alan's idea of passing around a laser pointer for students to critique photos. I definitely want to impress the idea that photos should be analyzed, and that we should take time to prepare for them just as we do with stories.

  4. I'm definitely going to do the "one-two punch" or whatever it was called from the Alan and Steve episode. That was a good idea to not only prepare the kids for spur of the moment incidents, but also better lead writing. I also think I will have an interview session with my Principal like we did with Len Downie... for two reasons - 1. he has a pretty controlling hand over the paper, and I know our kids aren't able to exercise their first amendment rights, so I want him to go into detail as to why, and 2. I know the kids will have endless questions, get good pictures, and be able to write about something that matters to them and their peers. I just think that's a good idea to teach them more journalistic writing and meeting deadlines.