Thursday, June 24, 2010

The ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute has been an incredible source of information. Yesterday, Steve Elliott asked me how I was doing. “Tired.” I responded. His response: “Good!” Yes, we have worked hard and gained much insight. Now, nearly finished with this two-week institute, I have a wealth of information that I will sift through after I get home...and recuperate.

Our session on technology by Alan Weintraut, 2006 Dow Jones Teacher of the Year, taught and reinforced many things. I was encouraged to use Google Docs in my classroom to cut down on the number of attachments coming in and going out when stories are submitted in my journalism class. This will help me with organization—an area with which I need lots of help!

Chris Braun
Reedley High School
Reedley, Calif.

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  1. Google Docs rock! I really enjoy using the program in all of my classes. I am horrible at organization as well. The only reason I can see the top of my desk at work is because all the papers are on google docs :)
    -Kelly Camak