Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There's a saying - "It takes teamwork to make the dream work." Today over lunch, in our groups (for our individual stories!) we met with our mentors to get some much needed guidance and ideas for sources. I was greatly appreciative to be able to get my reporting plan complete and get direction in focusing my story, more so to determine the proper audience for readership.

I think I'm learning more than I'll remember when I get back home, but I'm definitely getting the necessary tools, tech skills, and experiences to lead my students on the path to journalistic success, and the first thing we must do as a staff is work on our team work to make that dream work!

Jenese Giles
Northeast High School
Oakland Park, FL

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  1. Jenese,

    I totally agree. Sometimes working in teams can be nerve wracking but there is such a great group of knowledge among all the participants and our mentors/instructors/leaders that we really will be able to be better teachers.

    Kellie Wagner
    Journalism & Media Academy
    Hartford, Conn