Monday, June 21, 2010

The bar has been set... high!

Today, we had the pleasure of seeing a day in the life of Alan Weintraut's newspaper class and I just want to know if I can be him when I grow up. This program was a great example of what a student paper is all about. For the first time, I am realizing that my business background is truly going to be useful in running a successful student paper. We left this session with so many resources to help us create a well oiled paper producing machine: organizational charts, policy examples, productions cycles and a slew of PDFs and websites that I can't wait to dig into. I'm overwhelmed, eager and so happy to getting equipped with all this information BEFORE starting my school's newspaper.

Malika Caruthers
Metro Tech High School
Phoenix, Ariz.


  1. Building a journalism program is most definitely like running a business. This year I found myself fundraising, doing outreach to the community, writing invoices, working on branding our program, and keeping spreadsheets: definitely not the usual territory of an English teacher. I drew on experience I had in launching a nonprofit and working on political campaigns -- experience I was very glad to have as I started this year.

    Thank you Alan for being so generous with your materials. I'm reminded that we don't have to reinvent the wheel now that we have each other as resources.

    Kim Vinh
    Sequoia High School
    Redwood City, Calif.

  2. Malika,

    It was great watching Alan in motion. You are doing a great job even though you feel you are not as experienced in some areas. I can tell you care about your kids and what they will be learning. And I think when you realize how your past experience and talents play into the classroom experience (I think you just did) there will be no stopping you!

    Kellie Wagner
    Journalism & Media Academy
    Hartford, Conn.