Monday, June 21, 2010

Be prepared

It's been many years since I thought I knew everything. But it seems that I know even less than usual, or at least I'm having quite a few senior moments.

I'd been looking forward to Frank LoMonte's talk today. My husband even sent me a brand new pocket recorder so I could save the event. On Saturday I practiced and had a good time playing with the machine, and thought I had turned it off. Yeah, right. You heard my plea for batteries.

I wrote frantically, recording as much as I could, and had a chance to ask a couple questions afterwards, which I also recorded on paper. I am truly kicking myself for doing what I tell my kids not to do--forgetting to check batteries before heading out to get (photos, in the case of the kids).

Y'all have covered LoMonte's talk so well, I'll not bore anyone with the same. Instead I'm reminding myself, and any others who have senior moments, to remember all the little details in the midst of the major events. And believe me, I feel humble in my fumbling. I have to also remember to appreciate (out loud and often) my students who keep the newspaper and yearbook going. After listening to Alan, I feel even more positive about my new team--soon to be professional journalists!

Nunn Winship
Warden H. S.
Warden, Wash.

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