Friday, June 18, 2010

Sneak preview

Thanks to the AZ Republic staff who were all very welcoming and generous with their time, despite being in the middle of their news day. It was fun being in on the morning meeting, and I definitely plan to pick up a copy tomorrow morning. Here's a sneak preview of the page one headlines:

  • The Arizona high school graduation rate is up eight points

  • Why Congress is having trouble passing the latest jobs bill

  • Yesterday's controversial call at the World Cup

  • The annual "what the boss makes" survey

  • And possibly a story on tourists who come to AZ just to protest SB 1070

We saw an excellent example of Downie's assertion that media outlets are collaborating more, with the input from Channel 12's assignment editor.

And best of all -- how many people got the inside scoop that the day's biggest hit on the paper's website was profanity by US presidents? Must go now and check it out for myself...Oh my, does Obama swear?

Leslie Wolfe-Cundiff

Centennial H.S.

Roswell, Ga.


  1. What a great photo! Love the reflection of course, but I also like the pattern of lines. Nice work!

  2. I agree, the photography on the blog is wonderful, and this is beautiful