Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Awards...

Did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards this evening? 

I found it interesting that not only did they use the censor button or attempt, I noted about five times the censors missed, for numerous sketches they also needed to censor category names.

I have noticed that there is a desensitization among students that leads them to believe that use of obscenities in  everyday vernacular is the norm. Could this be a potential story idea?  Is the media accepting the responsibility for the product it is delivering? What ever happened to the MTV that played music videos? 

Today's programming line-up is filled with drinking, drugs, teen pregnancy, teen motherhood, and various other random reality programs that personify a variety of lifestyle choices that high school teens need not worry about.  Wow thanks MTV for making me sound like my mom.


Brent Manuel
Pleasant Valley High 
Chico, Calif. 


  1. I would rather have one of my fingernails removed with a pliers than watch anything that has aired on MTV in the last 10 years.

  2. I like the animated MTV logo guy that dances... I don't know about you.. but, to mock Blind Side seemed a bit bad taste...And, the boys from "Get Me to the Greek" who were talking about breaking through their pants because of Lautner... I had a student who quoted a kid who referenced that he wished he got laid more and the editors did not catch it and it went to my superintendent in 10 minutes. Does that make me old when I don't think it is funny?

  3. MTV doesn't really play music anymore, do they? I am surprised their programming director still airs the movie awards. Isn't it a relic of the past, much like the music video?

  4. No it does not make you I felt the same way. It is kinda crazy when you look at it and say hey what exactly are they going for here.

    The best was the show on after the awards on VH1 called "Your cut off" it was about nine ladies who spend exorbitant amounts of money with no thought of others.

    I had to turn it off for my sanity.

  5. I di not watch the awards. I remember when the Moon Man walked for the very first time, and Bon Jovie's "She's a Little Run Away" was the first video I ever saw...memories.

    Luckily? I am in a very conservative community. I question my luck based on several situations, but the best of these situations is that my students have conservative sensibilities when it comes to language use in the classroom (most do anyways), and they almost never use words that would be deemed obsecne by the general population. I just want to stress that this is the situation inside the walls of my classroom, but it is not the case in the halls. So interesting.

    Even though the newspaper staff is generally liberal (at least they think they are), they are still conservative about the "stuff" they put in the paper.