Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello All

Howdy, from the Lone Star State. No, we don't typically speak like that in Texas, but I couldn't resist. My name is Jamie, and I teach journalism, photo-j while advising the newspaper and yearbook at a fairly large high school in a suburb of Austin. I have five years of experience.
I will walk out of my classroom tomorrow with a sigh of relief. Grades, check. Yearbook, check. Newspaper, check. Classroom -- cleaned and organized and ready for another year -- not so much.
Despite the loose ends that may or may not be tied up, I am so looking forward to this summer. I am looking forward to being in a classroom setting, as a student. I am looking forward to the chance to write more frequently. And I am looking forward to having a change of scenery for a couple of weeks. I hope to return home with all kinds of useful information. I am particularly interested in learning how to expand coverage in our newspaper, along with how to manage a news website and build our readership. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead.

Jamie Ray
Vista Ridge High School
Cedar Park, Texas

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