Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dean Callahan is "the man." I was totally impressed with his enthusiasm as he spoke of how important it was that the students have such enthusiasm. When I observed his response to the "Cronkite" question, it was like watching "a kid in Disney World," as my dad would always say. He seemed so excited, I couldn't help but to smile in glee and fascination. I like the time we had with him today. I enjoyed his professionalism, his detailed responses to actually answer the questions asked, and his true love for journalism. That seems to be quite contagious here at ASU Cronkite!

Jenese Giles
Northeast High School
Oakland Park, FL

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  1. I have to agree with you Janese. It was nice to see the passion for journalism from someone who has such a high regard not only for his own school but also for high schools and the jobs high school advisers do preparing kids for the next level. I liked hearing what universities expect out of our students and how we can help prepare them better.

    Kim Isbell
    Humboldt High School
    Humboldt, Kan.