Monday, June 14, 2010

I tried to post a commment on Steve's article from last night's dinner speech. In mid-sentence, it disappeared. If you get half a thought in your box, I apologize.

What has impressed me about this institute, the people involved and our facilities is that it is all so professional, so available and so right for my needs. I want to put our paper on-line, wow the readers and get them interested in their school, community and their potential to be involved--to make a difference.

As I looked around and listened, I saw joy, excitement, creativity, perseverance, frustration (in check) and hope. It is energizing, intimidating and exilarating. I hope to spend time with each of you, learning from you, and bugging you to help me with this electronic world that seems out to thwart me. While I don't have a lot of expertise, I do have creative ideas, am a good listenter, and love to encourage people. I will probably forget your name and what we talked about last time in the swelter of new faces and intensity of input. That's just me, and no reflection on how I value you and your story.

Quite frankly, I am overwhelmed by the imensity of this project. Can I really learn enough to go back this fall and pull off an on-line newspaper? Can I keep up with you younger, more tech savvy people and not be a burden to the group? Can I remember (insert any no. of things here)?

Oh well, here's to an exciting day of new things, new ideas, new people--an adventure. Woo-Hoo! Grab life while we can.

Nunn Winship
Warden H S
Warden WA

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