Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you a hologram from Adobe?

I don’t even know how to start this blog entry. We have been exposed to the most amazing journalism professionals, and truly ended the week on an absolute high note. The presenter for the intermediate/advanced InDesign group was amazing. Andrea Heser from the Arizona Republic was exceptional. Using her own work as a guide, she showed us many tips and tricks for the software that truly revolutionized the way I will approach my publication’s design.

I had some experience with InDesign in college, but realized today that I am a tad rusty. I had no clue how to work with Libraries, much less how to customize my workspace palette or use the step and repeat tool. Andrea was so helpful and patient, especially because teachers often make the worst learners and audiences. She walked us through several effective shortcuts, who doesn’t love and appreciate a time saver?

Andrea is clearly a passionate and extremely well informed InDesign user, and her enthusiasm for the topic was evident as she spoke about wanting to volunteer in local high schools and organizations. Along with all of the amazing knowledge that I have gained this week, I am so inspired by all of the journalism industry professionals who are so passionate about their craft that they are willing to volunteer time from their day to educate the educators.

What’s more, throughout the week I feel like I have been lifted from my castaway island of journalism teaching reclusiveness, and now have allies, resources and cheerleaders for the rest of my journalism teaching career.

Jessica Kahlfeldt

Turner High School

Kansas City, Kan.


  1. I agree that Andrea was amazing. I learned so much about the InDesign program and so many tips and tricks that will be so much of a time saver for my students.

    Laura Schwinn
    Emporia High School
    Emporia, Kan.

  2. I also agree. It's just amazing when you learn some new trick that your students can use every day to make their lives easier.