Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anyone watch Glee?

In the popular TV show "Glee," teacher Will Schuester declares he will revive the school glee club, putting himself up against a lack of funding and a reputation of being uncool. With a band of misfits, a lot of meetings in the principal's office, but also a lot of brilliant and funny moments along the way, he eventually succeeds.

Consider me the less-talented, much less-television-worthy, female journalism version of Mr. Schuester.

I was editor of my own high school newspaper, a well-established, 20+ year program, thus I knew the value of a school paper and of real writing experiences. I became an English teacher at a school without a newspaper, and finally after a few years of asking for a journalism program, we were granted a class. I'm just finishing my first year advising, and I'm excited to continue to build the program. I drew largely on my personal high school and college journalism experience to create this year's curriculum for my group of about 12 students, and I am proud to say we published eight issues with no funding from the school. But being a journalism adviser is far different from being a journalism student, and I am still learning the ropes of running a top-notch program.

I'm looking forward to learning from the Institute teachers, but I know we also have so much to learn from each other. I will be coming with copies of my newspaper and curriculum, and hope others can as well so that we can swap ideas and best practices.

I'm also strangely looking forward to 100-degree days. San Francisco is notoriously cold and foggy in the summer, but a beautiful place otherwise!

Kim Vinh
Sequoia High School
Redwood City, Calif.


  1. I love Glee... But, I must say that this week's episode was not one of my favorites.

  2. I believe that Kim has inadvertently stumbled onto a great discussion topic. There are schools that view journalism as a club, not a class.

    Additionally, we all have our Sue Wilson (Jane Lynch) characters on campus. Interesting how fiction can play into fact. Nicely done, Kim.

    One more note about Redwood City, Kim is correct majority of the time you are subject to 70-80 degree weather with an occasional "Indian Summer".

    Look forward to meeting you.

    Brent Manuel
    Pleasant Valley High
    Chico, Calif.

  3. Hi Brent, I do work in temperate Redwood City, but live in San Francisco, where it's often 20 degrees cooler because of a thick layer of fog. But you're right, I really can't complain.