Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a mess!

2010 Might Mud Mania! 35th Annual

You never know what you are going to get when you go to an annual event that includes MUD! I was surprised to see thousands of kids and adults waiting to running through a mud obstacle course all in the spirit of FUN!?

When a friend suggested visiting the Mighty Mud Mania -- I was a bit confused as to what the event truly was. I walked down the subdivision roads in the City of Scottsdale with the sun beaming down, the first thing I see are kids playing on a water slide and laughing with glee. But, where was the MUD?

As I ventured further, I was surprised to see hundreds of kids (both big and small) waiting their turn to go through the muddy obstacle course. Kids leaped into mud puddles, crawled through mud under the rope net, and hung from a rope to jump into a bath of muddy water. The volunteers, kids, and parents were simply a dirty mess, but there wasn't a sad face in sight.

What a mess... But, what a creative way to keep cool. Perhaps being from Ohio, this event seemed to be so strange to me. It was a free event that provided a ton of fun!

Tracey B. Ward
Olentangy Liberty High School
Powell, OH


  1. How could it NOT be popular? It features moisture!! Great find!

  2. I saw it on the news all week but didn't think anyone was going. I would have loved it!

    Allison Denman
    Spring High School
    Spring, Texas

  3. I'm totally sad I missed this.

    Zach Anderson
    Spent Too Much Time @ the Sheraton