Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We found our voices today

Today can only be described as the most spirited day of the week, a day filled with different ways of looking at ourselves as learners of information and creators of new media.

We found our voices today. We found our creative spirits.

Shared critiques and shared classroom experiences revealed that we were not close to being satisfied with our reporting efforts and promised that our rewrites and professional guidance would show dramatic improvement. Sarah Gassen provided some simple but powerful advice, “How are you going to cheat students out of an educational experience just because we may look bad” that will soon be adorning a poster hanging in my principal's office.

Then we met and worked with inspirational advisers who shared their professional experiences and personal insights. Joe Garcia could join my staff any day.

Brian Snyder’s presentation only hinted at his artistic originality, and his emotional charge to us as educators sent us into the windswept streets in search of 34 unique shots that would make Steven Spielberg jealous. And with Serena Carpenter opening the potential of Final Cut Pro, well that was the perfect inventive opportunity for all of us. Clarence Hooker, your wife should be so proud of you.


  1. Ok Sam, very good work on this assignment and now we will conquer the video world with our finale!

  2. Outstanding and lovely photo! Schumacher would be proud!

  3. Beautiful picture.

    Allison Denman
    Spring High School
    Spring, Texas