Friday, June 18, 2010

Visit to the Arizona Republic

What a perfect way to end the first weekend of this crazy ride. Perhaps I was inspired by the editors, but I found myself making a significant list of things I can do differently next year. My list didn't just include ideas from the visit but also things that have been percolating since Monday. I think that dizzy, overwhelming, I'm-out-of-my-league feeling has mostly subsided, and now I'm able to begin applying this information to my situation.

I was surprised by how Republic staff welcomed us into their workplace. I tried to imagine how friendly my staff would be if a group of people wondered around our area on any given day. I am working with one of the editors on my publication story and am equally impressed by her willingness to help me, even going so far as to give me her cell phone number. (And I thought Southerners were friendly:) This program is exceptional, I believe, not only because we get to work with such a high caliber of professional journalists, but, probably more importantly, they are such high caliber people as well.

Photo: Morning news meeting at the Arizona Republic

Sarah Geyer
South-Doyle High School
Knoxville, TN

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  1. I enjoyed the trip to the Republic too. I especially gained ideas about how to more efficiently run our issue planning sessions.

    Kim Isbell
    Humboldt High School
    Humboldt, Kan.