Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tips that make our job easier

I'm looking back at my many pages of class notes from this first week and it is really amazing at the number of 'hit the ground running' tips we are getting. For the grizzled (!) veterans to the fresh-faced newbies, there has been something for everyone. Really, no matter where we are on the experience scale, we can all take away skills to put to use right away.

Get on the ASNE site to find resources you can easily incorporate into lesson plans
For example, you can find great student writing for modeling or critiquing: click on the homepage link Use the site resources to promote the First Amendment
The JEA and NSPA are also great resources.

Session handouts and powerpoints

Many of these are easily adaptable for use in our classrooms. Thank you to all presenters. These are time savers!


No matter how much I think I know about photography, layout or video, there is always something new to add to the skill set. In addition to the session info, here are a couple that I use. and

Other ideas

Some people, I'm sure, have already immersed themselves in Web-based tech; I am stepping gingerly into it. If you are like me, here are a couple of organizational tips I'll pass along to organize online. Try using a wiki ( to set up and keep track of classes, assignments, collaborative work with colleagues. It's handy. I like also as a way to keep track of on-line resources in one easy-to-find place.

Donna Fishel
Willard High School
Willard, MO


  1. This is a lot of good information. Thanks for being so helpful to the rest of us. There is also one site that may be helpful to those who want general tips for beginners in video. It is and they also publish a printed monthly magazine.

  2. I hope that everyone will discover, an amazingly inspirational source of video presentations that have a unique style and delivery system featuring the most wonderful minds and lives of our time. One video on TED inspired my production editors to challenge our publication designs to take the lead on content, a change that has changed how I approach advising.

    After these two weeks, I am sure I will be able to present my own TED.

    Sam Bidleman
    Bloomsburg High School
    Bloomsburg, Pa.