Thursday, June 17, 2010

Students on the street

Well today was HOT for sure but what a great time we had interviewing people about the heat. I was amazed at how friendly and curious the public was. All we had to do was plant ourselves and people came up to us at a pretty rapid pace.
"What'cha got there?"
"What is this for?"
"What are you doing with this stuff?"
These are the things people asked us. It was fun because back home in the East people will run for the hills if they see you with a camera!
It brought back the hunger and drive I used to feel as a young videographer and aspiring journalist.
It will be fun to edit and view all of the hard work from everyone!

Kellie Wagner
Journalism & Media Academy
Hartford, Conn.


  1. Wasn't it fun to get out and meet some of the people who are sharing their city with us for these two weeks? We met some great people on our shoot as well. It's amazing how many people out there have great stories to tell and we are the ones who get to tell their stories!

    Laura Schwinn, Emporia, Kan.

  2. I'm so glad you are enjoying the people you have met in my city. I have always felt, for the most part, that people in Phoenix are friendly and welcoming. Of course, if you all were driving every day, you might not feel this way!

    Jamalee Moret
    Phoenix, AZ