Monday, June 14, 2010

The Place to Be

The first full day of the 2010 ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Institute was top notch just like I expected. I am so glad to have this opportunity.
Spending most of my life with a camera strapped around my neck and being the journalist photographer at local events is what I know how to do and I do that well. I supply cut lines and names to the local newspapers. I have never been a great writer and I certainly never expected to be a journalism teacher.
Reporting the news correctly and efficiently is important to me. Writing is not my strongest asset, but I do know my passion and drive to be a better writer will help me be a better person and teacher. Inspiring my students to be better writers can only happen if I become a better writer. I need to be a good role model. Returning to college and attending this institute has really inspired me to continue to learn the skills necessary to be a good teacher.
My mission to become a better writer for the students I teach and for my own personal satisfactions.
After today, I know this is the right place for me to continue my mission to learn good writing and journalism skills. At this institute I have witnessed good teaching tools, new resources to access and professional conections that will assit me in my teaching.
Students in my school district will benefit from writing with a critical eye. The reporting real-life simulation we did in class today was intense and very rewarding to me. I see my weaknesses and my strenghths that I brought to the team.
I am not a strong writter in a time crunching situation. I need time to think and process my words. Listening to others and being aware of my sounding are my assets. Not everyone is cut out to be a on the spot reporter (with limited time), but everyone should learn to be a critical thinker, problem solver and have the basic skills to write well.
Beware, tommorow's assignment (time crunching on the spot reporting) maybe rough for me, but I am going to give it the old college try!
Bracinda Blum
Woodbine High School
Woodbine, Iowa
Special Education and Journalism Teacher


  1. Goodness. Let's have Bracinda teach today's Photoshop session. I like the inventive angle on the Coleman shot.

    Steve Elliott
    Arizona State University

  2. Bracinda,

    Your writing is not nearly as shabby as you think. And I second Steve's suggestion; I want you on my team!! This is awesome!!!

  3. Bracinda,
    Your photo collage captures the day perfectly! I love the perspective and depth in it.

    Lisa Edmisten
    Woodcreek High School
    Roseville, CA