Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well folks, we are in the throes of another Monday at the Institute. As I am writing, we all are on deadline for 5:30 for the ASNE article. I used the pc in my room yesterday, because every time I sit down to use the Mac, I panic. For some reason my fingers push too many of the keys at a time or too few. As much as I want to dislike the Mac, I am starting to embrace the technology.

Frank LoMonte, from the Student Press Law Center, was an animated speaker. I think everyone enjoyed his presentation. He really gave valuable information in a manner that everyone understood. The injection of humor was a tasty side dish to a very meaty subject. I had my eyes opened. I hope to whet my students' appetites to pursue this side of journalism. In fact, I had a thought of assigning one of my students to just looking into the legal side of things. I do have one overly verbal student who would fit the bill perfectly.

Alan Weintraut's presentation certainly gave me inspiration and food for thought. My newspaper is a pretty simplistic one, but some of his sweet ideas made me want to jump right on the plane and go home to start. But I resisted because I anticipate all the other goodies that are to come. I was especially inspired by having a booster's group. I figure if I can implement 3 things this next year, I will be well on my way.

Sorry for all the food references. I couldn't resist some sort of twist.

Jodie Schommer
Lakeside Lutheran High School
Lake Mills WI

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  1. I was truly afraid to say it but the Mac at first gave me the creeps. I couldn't find the right keys, the icons were pretty but foreign to me. Now, I like them as well as the other controls and procedures. In two or three weeks I would be an expert on them. Unfortunately, there is 0 chance of me seeing one in my school. It is PC or bust! (I think one is still in my classroom.)